Reasons To Try

Five Reasons to Use Gray Riddance

1. Gray Riddance colors gray strands to a subtle light brown color (or blond, if the hair is white), resulting in beautiful natural-looking highlights. These highlights are permanent without using harmful chemicals like ammonia, peroxide or lead which expose the body to toxins that can potentially cause serious medical concerns and hair thinning.

2. Gray Riddance is safe for pregnant woman and those with medical issues or allergies.

3. The 1 to 3 day spray on method makes it easy to use and it’s cost effective. It’s $7.50 per every 3-day treatment cycle, and each bottle will last 4-6 months. Just follow the directions, no mixing, and no fuss.

4. The target market is for someone just starting to show gray hair or up to about 30% gray. You need the contrast of the natural hair for the highlights to look the best. If you have brown hair you won’t even see the highlights, because they will just blend in with the natural hair. If the hair is darker you will see brownish permanent highlights over a 1 to 3 day period.

5. Safe to use with previously colored hair, permanents or relaxers, just follow the directions after first doing a test patch on the hair. After using Gray Riddance you can then use a temporary rinse if you want to change the color of your hair. The temporary rinse will last longer, and when it fades you will still just see the highlights and not gray hair.

Results For Each Day of Use

Day 1 of Gray Riddance

Day 1

Day 2 of Gray Riddance

Day 2

Day 3 of Gray Riddance

Day 3

Results can vary and some customers have had great results in only 1 – 2 days.

A Unique and Versatile Solution to Keep Gray Away

Most people use conventional hair dyes to cover the gray strands. This becomes a challenge because the hair grows fast and visits to the salon can become costly. If the hair is dark brown or black the gray strands become more difficult to conceal because of the contrast resulting in the salt and pepper effect. Some people like the look, but for those who don’t, Gray Riddance provides an easy solution to eliminate gray hair and enhance your appearance.

Why color all your hair just to cover a few strands of gray, when you can transform the gray into a light brown or blonde color and at the same time, nourish and condition the natural hair? Hair naturally has highlights so no one will ever know you had gray hair thanks to this creative and versatile product.