Privacy Statement

Perma-Youth hereby notifies and explains our policy regarding personally identifiable information collected on customers and web site visitors.

1) Personally identifiable information is obtained through:

  1. a) Direct email contact initiated by the customer. The email address of the sender is exposed to the recipient to which the email is addressed. It is understood that web site visits and email are, by their nature, not a secure means of communications, and as such may be intercepted by 3rd parties.
  2. b) On-line product purchases. The purchasers’ information is shared thru the credit card processing company, financial institution and shipping company which are handling the transactions. Review each financial and shipping institution for their privacy policy.

2) We do not share purchasers information with anyone except:

  1. a) Those entities required to successfully complete the product purchase transaction.
  2. b) As approved by sender, produced under subpoena or required by law.

3) Removal of senders email address by recipient may be requested by email to the recipient with the subject “Remove email address”.

4) Notification of any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this web page.

5) The effective date of this policy is September 23, 2012