For years, my commitment NOT to use products containing toxic chemicals kept me from coloring my hair. There was nothing on the market that met my standards for truly natural ingredients. Then I discovered Gray Riddance and am confident in the purity of its ingredients. I’ve used it now for 6 months and love the natural-looking blond highlights, the ease in application and the positive comments I get from friends. I couldn’t be more pleased.    ~ Helen, Charlotte, NC

I was so excited to learn about Gray Riddance. I couldn’t get my hands on it soon enough. When I tried the product, it was the answer to my prayers. It’s easy to apply and brings out my natural highlights. I love it and so does my beautician!  ~ Carolyn, CA

I love my beautiful highlights that Gray Riddance gives me. Its easy to use because I just spray it on and use it with my relaxed hair. It is perfect for my lifestyle and does not fade onto my white tennis hat.  ~ Dee, Pasadena, CA

I have been a hairdresser for 25 years and my number one concern has been coloring resistant gray hair. Gray Riddance is a God-send. I just spray it on and it changes the gray to subtle light brown highlights. I even use a temporary rinse the same color as my natural dark hair over the hightlights created by Gray Riddance. The rinse lasts longer and when it fades no gray shows, just highlights. Great product. ~Nona, La Verne, CA

BColleenGrayRiddanceResults-300x150eing a cancer survivor I chose to stop coloring my hair in 2009. Almost 3 years later I was introduced to Paula and the opportunity to try the Gray Riddance. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of application and the highlight results it gave me. The product is perfect if you are looking for a clean alternative to highlighting your hair. All my girlfriends and husband were impressed with my new look! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to everyone that wants and needs a natural hair color product to try Gray Riddance.
~ Colleen, Torrance, CA

I met you at Rainbow Acres today. So, I’ll put it on this email and hopefully you can download. I’ve been using hair dye for at least 20 years both in and out of salons. I’ve always wondered if putting those kind of ingredients so close to my brain was a good idea but my vanity always got the best of me. When I saw Gray Riddance and read the ingredients, I thought I’d give it a try. I am very pleased. I actually am about 80% grey at this point, but it still works within two days. I really like the color as it is a little lighter than my actual hair and surprisingly, I’ve gotten some unsolicited compliments. Thank you, I’ll continue using your really unique product.  ~ Ann, CA