Understanding Gray

Woman Going GrayA person’s natural hair color begins to gray due to the natural aging process, we all encounter. While the age in which a person’s hair color begins to gray does vary, the process is the same for everyone resulting in an almost immediate aged appearance. Your natural youthful hair color originates from cells at the root of your hair follicles. Each follicle contains pigment cells that produce melanin, which is responsible for your hair’s natural color.

The more melanin you have in your follicles dictates how light or dark your natural hair color is. With age, the pigment cells gradually create less and less of that pigment (until the pigment cells die) resulting in gray, white or silver locks. People gray at different rates and ages but it is something that affects us all at a certain point. Gray hair in general makes a person appear older and while some prefer the look, most don’t which is why many solutions and products are made specifically to Gray hairsaddress graying hair.