How to Apply Gray Riddance

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  1. Make sure your hair is initially clean, dry and free of all other hair products (gels, conditioners and oil sheens).
  2. Spray GRAY RIDDANCE on the gray hair or new growth roots of your hair and massage softly with a comb or brush for complete penetration. Your hair should be damp but not wet and dripping from excess product (hair should air dry in about 10 to 15 minutes after application). Wear gloves if you are using your hands to massage the product into your hair and wipe away any excess from the forehead with water. Skin areas will be temporarily darkened for a few days if product is not removed from skin after each use.
  3. Use for three consecutive days, applying at about the same time each day. It is not necessary to wash your hair on Day 2 and 3 unless you use excessive amounts of gels or hairspray. If you wash your hair, wait at least 18 hours after each application. Try to minimize the use of other products during the three days.

For Best Results

  • Test Before Application. Previous use of hair coloring chemicals could cause undesired effects, please do a test patch in a small area such as in the back or side of your head that is under the top layer of hair.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after application.
  • Do not use with previously existing applications of henna in your hair.
  • If you have recently dyed or tinted your hair, please wait four weeks and for relaxed hair wait one week before using Gray Riddance.
  • To get touch up spots (like the temple or new growth on your forehead) just spray Gray Riddance on a small flat brush and then locally brush that into the gray hair areas.


To get touch up spots (like the temple or new growth on your forehead) just spray Gray Riddance on a toothbrush and then locally brush that into the gray hair areas.

Testing Gray Riddance Before Use

Gray Riddance is making a splash in the market, and standing apart from the competition due to its all-natural composition that is gentle on hair strands, and that provides a powerful alternative to toxic, chemical laden, and traditional hair dyes.  But just because our product is gentle and organic, doesn’t mean that you should skip the oft recommended step of testing how the product interacts with your own hair.  In fact there are several reasons why you might want to test any hair color product before using it, including Gray Riddance.  Here are a few of them:

1. Compatibility with Previous Color Treatments.

Whether you have previously used traditional, over the counter color dyes, or other alternative colorants on your hair, it is important to be fully aware of what effect these previous treatments will have on your use of Gray Riddance.  If you have recently dyed or had other traditional color treatments in your hair the Gray Riddance team recommends waiting approximately four weeks before usage of the product in order to achieve best results.

We do not recommend use of Gray Riddance for hair that contains previously existing applications of Henna.  That said, there is a fantastic way to take advantage of the remarkable grey coverage properties of our spray and still be able to add vibrant color to your hair.  Many clients enjoy use of the spray along with the application of a temporary cellophane tint.  Even after the temporary color fades, you’ll still see the beautiful highlights that Gray Riddance left behind.  It’s the perfect win-win situation!

2. Hair Relaxers Can Change Results

Hair relaxers and perms are well known for changing the structure and composition of the hair shaft.  These treatments enable straight hairs to become curly and curly hairs to become straight.  These changes to the hair shaft at times can change the way that Gray Riddance is absorbed into the hair strand.  If you have recently relaxed or permed your hair we recommend waiting at least one week before using Gray Riddance, but the good news is that the two can be combined.  Many hair colors are unable to be used on chemically treated hair, but with just a short wait, the natural formulation of Gray Riddance becomes your only trusted solution for gray coverage that won’t clash with your perm.

3. Perform a Patch Test To Gauge Results

Just as with any other hair color product, performing patch tests to see how the product interacts with your particular hair color and type is very important.  To conduct a patch test with Gray Riddance, select a small, discrete area of hair in the unseen back under layer area, and apply a small amount of product.  Wash hands with water and soap after application.  Check the same patch area twenty-four hours later to observe coloring results.

For additional help we can be reached at (424) 757-4015

Following these simple guidelines and tips can help you to get the very best out of the safe and natural, permanent Gray Riddance coloring spray.

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